Serialver Sourceforge Project

SerialVer adds the Java serialver functionality to the ANT tool of Apache-Jakarta. This project adds Tasks and FilterReaders to get, to insert and to modify the serialVersionUID in the source code of a serializable class.

The CommentOut FilterReader puts in comment a line or a block for Java, HTML/XML/XSLT and JSP files. A tag in the code with a condition will enable or disable the line conversion. It is like a compilation directive. Also, the FilterReader checks first if the line/block was already enabled, and is able to disable it. It means that the conversion is reversible.

The tasks have been tested with ANT 1.6.5. and JDK 5.0.9.

The tasks have been tested with ANT 1.5.1. and JDK 1.1.8.

The tasks are fully compatible with Java 5 generics & support nesting of inner classes.